Waking Persephone Festival

Interested in performing at Waking Persephone? 

FYI: Waking Persephone does not have the typical "festival dancing" found at other events.  We have opportunities to perform in our Gala Show, alongside our teaching staff and at the Underworld Ball - and the performances do NOT overlap our workshops/classes/other events. These performance slots require workshop registration/event participation. 

No matter what coast this event has taken place at, we always hear that our shows feature the best, most diverse and high quality performances that many of our audience members have ever had the pleasure of witnessing.  This consistent feedback makes our little dark hearts exceedingly happy and we believe it's a direct result of our applied performers being actively invested in furthering their dance education and be active members of the community.  It really shows on stage!

Application closes July 31st! See form for complete details!

Performer Application is LIVE!

Photography by The Dancer's Eye
Art & Design by Owlkeyme Arts