Waking Persephone Festival

All activities at the Lake City Community Center unless noted.
See a
timetable of the workshops here:

6-10pm: Motif (at El Norte)


10:am: Registration Opens & Vendor Load-In

10:30-12pm: Workshops

12-1pm: Lunch

1-2:30pm: Workshops

1-4pm: Workshop Intensive

2:45-4:15pm: Workshops

4:30pm-6pm: Workshops

6-7:30pm – room prep, vendor shopping

Gala Show – 8-11pm



9-10:30am: Workshops

10:45-12:15pm: Workshops

12:15-1:15pm: Lunch

1:15-2:45pm: Workshops
1:15-4:15pm: Workshop Intensive

3-4:30pm: Workshops

5-6:30pm: Workshops

6:30-7:30 – room prep, vendor shopping

Gala Show – 8-11pm



9-10:30am: Workshops

10:45-12:15: Workshops

Roundtable Lunch – 12:15-1:30pm FREE TO ALL

1:30-3pm: Workshops

½ hour final round shopping

3:30pm-5pm: Workshops
Underworld Ball: 6:30-11pm (*at Hale's Brewery)



Photography by The Dancer's Eye
Art & Design by Owlkeyme Arts