Waking Persephone Festival

Scholarship Winners

Inaya Skye is our 2016 winner of the Jeniviva Mia Memorial Scholarship!  

She writes "I am continuing to find ways to further explore my artistic imprint on the bellydance community. I believe, without a doubt, that Waking Persephone is the best place for me to continue my education. Learning at WP will help me achieve my goals by preparing me to teach my own styles of bellydance, produce my own annual charity event, deepen my knowledge of all MENA cultures, gain self-confidence, further combat clone culture, and delve further into my stagecraft & costuming. My newly acquired knowledge will be put to immediate use as I continue my work with “Halfa For Humanity” and carry out my plans to submit a proposal for a “Foundations of Bellydance” beginner class at a local college for January 2017. My ultimate dream would be to give the bellydance community a non-profit voice. Then, I would be providing something meaningful to my bellydance and hometown communities.


I believe in living as a perpetual student; ever evolving, constantly shaped by those around me. To evolve and grow, one must have sturdy roots. I personally believe a solid foundation in Arabic culture is essential to any new student of bellydance. How they build on top of that, sets them on a unique path to become their own dancer."


2015 Winner:

Hilary Piece was the first recipient of the Jeniviva Mia Memorial Scholarship in 2015. 
She says of her experience at Waking Persephone: "As a new artist struggling to find a community, no opportunity has matched the excitement, learning, and good-natured awesomeness of the Waking Persephone experience. It was a unique privilege to be a part of this festival. Tempest and the Underworld Crew do an excellent job; any chance to join in their efforts to create meaningful experience is worth serious consideration and effort. The best part about the scholarship, for me, was the opportunity to present myself as a serious artist interested in sharing my emergent vision with others, while also demonstrating my willingness to learn as much as I could from those who had come before."

We are very pleased to have Hilary on the teaching staff for 2016. Check out her workshop offering "Neutral Mask: Fundamental Technique for the Dramatic Performer"

Photography by The Dancer's Eye
Art & Design by Owlkeyme Arts