Waking Persephone Festival

So, yes, we have a heavy focus on education, but we also love to shop!  And so we're very pleased to offer an incredible marketplace as part of our event experience. 

Some of the very best artisans, designers, and merchants come to WP, making it a shopping paradise! Both vendors and shoppers have declared we have "just the right amount of everything!"

This year's vendors include some favorites from last year and new ones too! 
Check out the list here!


New for 2015, we offered a "chillspace." This is a room inside our venue where everyone can hang-out, relax in a comfortable environment - have some tea, have henna done, get a message or a tarot reading! It was a huge hit and we're expanding on it in 2016!

HOURS: Vending will open 12pm on Friday and be available throughout the day + prior to the Gala Show and during intermission. Saturday it opens at 10am and runs on a similar scheduled throughout the evening.  Sunday it will open at 10am and close at 3:30pm.   Then be sure to check out a completely different selection of vendors at the Underworld Ball!

It is free to come in and shop the vendors during the festival. For the Gala Shows and the Underworld Ball, you will need to purchase tickets.


Photography by The Dancer's Eye
Art & Design by Owlkeyme Arts